Cork is a completely renewable resource harvested as bark from living cork trees, never harmed by the harvest. Cork flooring can be composed of up to 100% post-industrial recycled content, and over 60% recycled content in the backing.


Cork trees store carbon in order to regenerate their bark, and a harvested cork tree absorbs up to five times more than one that isn’t. Comprised of millions of air-filled cells, corks absorbs sound, impact, stays warm and always remains resilient.



Highly Versatile Floor Covering Option


Cork flooring is beautiful, non-toxic natural, easy to care for, quiet, soft, yet durable enough to handle the traffic of active lifestyles. Cork floors offer a natural look that is easy to clean and warm under foot.

Its versatility makes cork suitable for the bedroom, storeroom, living room, office, kitchen, basement flooring and especially children’s playroom. Using cork as your floor covering also offers sound-reducing qualities suitable for condo use and even retail applications like wine rooms, museums or yoga studios.




Beauty and function in a sustainable flooring choice.


Cork flooring has been naturally enriching interiors for over 100 years with its warm, natural appearance, comfort underfoot and ability to soften acoustics.




• Sound absorbing
• Shock absorbing
• Stain resistant
• Durable
• Low maintenance
• Reduces muscle fatigue
• 10 year commercial / 25 year residential warranty
• Pre-finished with 3 coats of durable Lobatm
• Polyurethane made in Germany
• Harbinger contributes to earning LEEF* credits
• Completely recyclable, 60% recycled materials content in backing materials
• Excellent indoor air quality, little or no VOCs
• Superior strain, scratch, and slip resistance
• Anti static
• Superior sound absorption and thermal insulation
• Hygienic, Non allergenic and will not promote microbial or fungal growth