FIAT – Vancouver

FIAT – Vancouver


White Polished Cement Topping installed using ARDEX PC-T™ Polished Concrete Topping (formerly ARDEX Diama-Top™)


This floor was installed by our Levelmaster Elite installers using a 100% engineered topping and polishing system developed by Ardex Engineered Cement and Diamatic Grinding and Polishing Systems.




Product Capabilities:


Installs from 1/4” to 2” in one operation, and up to 5” with the addition of aggregate. ARDEX PC-T hardens fast due to its unique self-drying formulation – it can be polished in as little as 24 hours. Use ARDEX PC-T to provide a hard, flat, smooth surface that can be polished. ARDEX PC-T is ideal in areas such as retail stores, schools, warehouses, airports and all interiors that will receive a polished concrete surface.




• Portland cement-based
• Smooth new or existing concrete and certain non-porous surfaces
• Install from 1/4” up to 2” neat, and up to 5” with aggregate
• Walk on in as little as 2 hours
• Polished in as little as 24 hours
• Designed for use with the ULTRAFLOR ARDEX Diamatic™ Polished Concrete Floor System
• Available in Gray, White and Light Gray