Laminate flooring offers a wide selection of designs that offer the look and feel of beautiful hardwood, ceramic tile, and slate. Laminate is a composite designed to endure more-than-average wear and tear. A direct-pressure manufacturing process fuses four layers into one extremely hard surface.




What is Laminate Flooring?


Laminate flooring is created when four layers (a bottom layer, fibreboard core, decorative layer and tread layer) are synthesized into one extremely dense surface. Laminate floors are designed to resemble a variety of materials, such as hardwood, stone and tile. Unlike solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, laminate flooring is rarely comprised of any wood. Instead, it consists of melamine and fibreboard, which makes it extremely durable. Thicker laminates also generally indicate a more durable, comfortable product.

Endless Colors and Styles:


Colors are more adaptable than you might think and they don’t just disappear after a season. Gradually lighter or darker over time, color can give your room the flexibility you need to express the style you love.




• Sound absorbing
• Shock absorbing
• Stain resistant
• Durable
• Low maintenance