Organic Grocery Store

Organic Grocery Store



Our client’s design goal was to create the appearance of a terrazzo floor wave that appeared to crash into a tiled look floor and have it all meet in the middle of the store. We began by hand seeding the terrazzo wave with decorative aggregates into black integrally colored concrete. The tile section was sawcut into a tiled grid and then airbrushed a topical dye. Both sides were then polished to an 8000grit finish.




We have developed the expertise in our many years of polishing concrete to offer the very best polished concrete possible. We take pleasure in our craftsmanship and pride in our reputation. And when we work together, we’re sure you will take pleasure and pride in the results. Although concrete polishing is not a new process, it is being applied with new and dramatic effect in the design world. Building on the time-proven processes of terrazzo and hard surface (granite, marble, and natural stone) finishing, architectural polished concrete is becoming a finish of choice for commercial, service, and residential environments.