Residential Terrazzo Floor

Residential Terrazzo Floor


Upscale Low Maintenance Flooring Solutions


The use of terrazzo in residential homes is becoming a fast moving trend for people who are looking for upscale low maintenance flooring solutions.
Make a statement of individuality with the unlimited use of terrazzo in the home. In entranceways, hallways, kitchens, or entire rooms terrazzo will give you a lasting, durable floor that will express your homes uniqueness.




System One worked with One House Green from the design stage to create a fully customized Terrazo system in which the client was able to pick the exact aggregate as well as the white concrete foundation to which was also integrally coloured. The client went with a beautiful recycled amber glass aggregate to tie in the millwork and furnishings. The floor has a lot of character with a very understated look over a large scale, it is a very versatile and durable finish for any home.






For architects and builders seeking products that will minimize environmental impact, thin-set epoxy terrazzo has proven to be a dream material.
Epoxy terrazzo is a recycled material. It often contains recycled glass or leftover granite and marble chips from stone-processing plants. The thin-set epoxy contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), eliminating off-gassing in its manufacture and installation, as well as during the life of the floor. Because it’s non-porous and seamless, epoxy terrazzo flooring does not allow moisture or radon to penetrate it, thus promoting healthier indoor air quality.