System One Floor Solutions teamed up with SiteMAX Systems in 2013 to created a custom tailored project management system for our office and field staff.

SiteMAX is a web and mobile based construction site management and monitoring platform that establishes accountability with your site staff and transparency with your clients to garner more trust, business and cost savings.

From digital time cares and purchase orders to tool tracking and safety, the genesis of the SiteMAX System was developed for a General Contracting firm, so its roots are based around real needs. By using the SiteMAX mobile applications in the field and the web application in the office, the system provides a lightening fast sense of what is going on at all of our job sites in minutes from anywhere in the world.

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Time Saving Features

Dual Mode Daily Log

The log is a dual mode module that which outlines site events and trade site count and activity. The mobile application enables site staff to effortlessly enter a site count of trade and then add the actions that this trade has accomplished at the end of the day. In the event that the tasks are similar to the previous day or any other day, there is a convenient copy from previous command.

The second mode is the site events log. This can be any type of event that has occurred, from a site inspection to new materials on site. This smart action enables the system to learn site actions over time for quick reference moving forward.

Daily Photos

Say goodbye to emails of random photos in no order that are sent in once in a while by your foreman or superintendent. Photos are uploaded along with the daily report, and are tagged to the day. Each image is accompanied by a description.

Digital Time Cards

Time is the enemy on any project, so tracking is critical. Our mobile application is the perfect input device for inputting time information of workers. The time module is set to your bi-weekly schedule and is submitted from the field to the back office without any paper. There is an optional PM stop-gap who approves the time prior to processing.

Tool tracking

From handheld tools to large equipment this module utilizes QR code tags to establish a digital identity to each tool. Site assign tools by a quick scan. Each tool has an ID and profile with pictures, condition report and description.

24 Hour Auto Weather

Via the Geo-location of the job dress, or a via inputting long and lat coordinates, the system pulls the weather current status from each hour and logs it to the project record.

2 Way XDROP Document System

Provide your site staff with drawings, documents, forms, site instructions. Whatever you want to get o the site, you can. Built into the system is a PDF editor so that you can fill out any PDF checklists that are uploaded, and the original will still exist. You can rename files and create andy folders you wish. Getting files into the system is as easy as drag and drop. It is really fast!

Digital Purchase Order System

Issue a PO direct from a job site in seconds, and see it instantly in accounting. Even create an empty PO and fill it in later, we have thought of real life situations that work. These PO’s are live! They can modify and change, receive goods and track the return dates of rentals. Even attach images if packing slips, receipts and any other analogue evidence that is required.

Dialogue Message System

Cut down on time wasting phone calls and emails that require short simple answers. Dialogue is designed to be a collaborative message forum that all staff who are assigned to see a project can use. Create multiple subjects and see who said what. The other benefit is that when the project is finished, you can go back in time a view these conversations. Brilliant!

Safety Centre

Your Master Safety Manual and your forms and checklists all in one place. Just think, no more bloated binders and out dated forms. This module is a company wide repository for all safety information and templates. Simply grab a safety form from Safety Centre, fill it out and it will save into the safety section of the project for review.

2 Way Tasks

Using this ultra light task module, site staff or project coordinators can input a task to be accomplished. Each task has a low, medium and high priority assignment and also has a time indicator as to how many days the task has been alive for.

Project Link Client Portal

Want to give your clients a great service experience? Give them realtime updates! Each project has its own webpage that can be sent to your client. This page is realtime and displays pertinent information about the project with an interactive interface.