Floor covering installers know that a perfect finish begins with a perfect beginning…a perfectly-level subfloor. SystemOneFloor Solutions Professional Flooring Systems utilize the latest in self-leveling flooring and sub flooring preparation technologies in their installation lineup. Our use of ARDEX K 15 ®, ARDEX V 1200 ®, ARDEX Feather Finish ® Flooring Patch and Ardex Primer Systems are ideal for the subfloor preparation requirements of all floor covering projects. We have experience providing solutions for the most-demanding commercial concrete contractors.



ARDEX K 15 Self-Leveling Underlayment Concrete


Portland cement-based, high-strength, fast-setting, non-shrinking underlayment. Mix with water, pour or pump, spread, ready!



Product Capabilities:


For use over concrete, metal, terrazzo, ceramic tile, wood and non-water-soluble old flooring adhesive residue (including cutback), on, above or below grade.

Pourable or pumpable. Installs from featheredge to 1-1/2? in one operation; up to 5? with the addition of proper aggregate. Designed specifically for fast leveling of floors, ARDEX K 15 provides a durable, flat and smooth floor surface with minimum labor and installation time.

ARDEX K 15 hardens quickly by hydration and drying. It will not shrink, crack or spall, even when applied in thick layers. Floor coverings can be installed just 16 hours later.

ARDEX K 15 is recommended and specified by most flooring manufacturers, architects, and contractors.





  • Portland cement based
  • High strength – 4100 psi
  • Installs up to 5? thick
  • Designed specifically for fast leveling of floors
  • Use to level and smooth interior concrete, terrazzo, quarry and ceramic tile, cutback adhesive residue (non-water-soluble), wood, and metal
  • Walk on in 2-3 hours
  • Install floor covering after 16 hours




ARDEX V 1200 Self-Leveling Flooring Underlayment


ARDEX V 1200 is a self-leveling, no-troweling Portland cement-based underlayment with re-dispersible synthetic polymers.


Product Capabilities:


Use to level and smooth interior concrete, terrazzo, and ceramic tile substrates -on, above, or below grade. Pourable or pumpable when mixed with water. Seeks its own level and produces a smooth, flat, hard surface. Hardens quickly and dries fast with low shrinkage to minimize cracking or spalling. Walkable in 3 hours, and most floor covering installations can proceed in 1 to 3 days.




  • Portland cement-based
  • Smooth new or existing concrete
  • Use over concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo and adhesive residues
  • Walk on in 3 hours
  • Highly resistant to shrinkage cracking
  • Install up to 1 1/4”, can be tapered to meet existing elevations
  • Accepts most floor coverings in 1-3 days