West Vancouver Residence

West Vancouver Residence



Our client’s design goal was to create a seamless white cementitious floor that could butt up flush and around other surfaces and fixtures in the home.
The system used was white polished cement topping installed using ARDEX PC-T™ Polished Concrete Topping (formerly ARDEX Diama-Top™) 
This floor was installed by our Levelmaster Elite installers using a 100% engineered topping and polishing system developed by Ardex Engineered Cement and Diamatic Grinding and Polishing Systems.


Benefits of ARDEX PC-T™


• High quality decorative floor
• Allows transmission of water vapor through the slab where hydrostatic pressure is an issue
• Process is virtually dust-free, allowing the use of the facility during floor installation
• No dusting of the concrete floors after installation
• Long lasting, extremely low-maintenance floor
• Results produce a “green” floor due to improved lighting efficiency, use of current structure, and water-only maintenance system
• Variable-finish products are offered to produce multiple degrees of gloss with the option of standard color finishes and a full spectrum of customizable concrete colors available




We have developed the expertise in our many years of polishing concrete to offer the very best polished concrete possible. We take pleasure in our craftsmanship and pride in our reputation. And when we work together, we’re sure you will take pleasure and pride in the results. Although concrete polishing is not a new process, it is being applied with new and dramatic effect in the design world. Building on the time-proven processes of terrazzo and hard surface (granite, marble, and natural stone) finishing, architectural polished concrete is becoming a finish of choice for commercial, service, and residential environments